About The Program

Is your body your biggest asset? Your greatest source of pride? Your best friend? Chances are, that is not the case. It probably gets a lot of attention, but none of the love.

Very little acceptance, and all of the blame.

It’s at fault when you don’t feel attractive, productive, successful, lucky, brave. It always seems to be the problem when you don’t feel loved. Even more so, when you have nothing to wear. Of course you want to walk away from that. Feel sexy. Feel light. Feel new.

The problem is, you sure have tried before, and it never turned out quite like you’d planned. Brief bouts of enthusiasm are followed by burnout. Daily workouts give way to pints of ice-cream minutes before midnight. And your body goals? Seemingly further out of reach every time you try and give up.

It hasn’t all been for nothing. Every diet, shake, juice cleanse, 10K run, every thousand spent on a personal trainer, they have given you invaluable lessons.

You have learned about yourself, your tolerance for pain, what you like, what you don’t like, even how a diet book is structured, should you ever want to write one. They have taught you everything there is to know about discipline and misery.

I am here to give you freedom and ease. Freedom, ease, and a body you can be happy in.

My name is Malminder, I am a hypnotherapist based in London, and I always focus on what’s proven. I have worked with thousands of clients, from students and entrepreneurs to celebrities and royalty, and they all come to me for one simple reason. I am not here to be just another thing you try. I base my work on solid research and real-life experience, and I am here to get you the result you are looking for.

In my Harley Street private practice, I use every tool at my disposal to suit your specific needs, until the problem is solved. It may take a few sessions, we may need to approach it from a few angles, but we always, ALWAYS get there. Even if you don’t trust in the method. Even if you think you are the kind of person who cannot be hypnotised, trust me, you have been hypnotised by food and I am here to help you snap out of it.

Unfortunately, not everybody who has a problem, has the time to come to Marylebone, or even commit to a set schedule of Skype appointments. That is why I have designed a 6-week Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis program that will help you look and feel better in and out of your clothes, without needing to leave your home to do it.

It’s a program that covers every important aspect that contributes to the way your body looks and feels. A program that gives you as much or as little time with me in person, to make it work for your needs. A program that I have carefully crafted to make sure success was an inevitability.

Not my success, your success. Your new body. Your new level of confidence, and everything you’ve been holding yourself back from. This year, it can all finally be yours. No matter how little willpower you think you have. With this program, you won’t be needing any.

At the core of the program lie the six recorded hypnosis sessions. They are sequenced to build upon one another, in order to reliably dismantle every obstacle between you and your body goals. All you need to do is to listen to the recording three times a week, whenever and wherever you can take a little time for yourself and get comfortable.

Week 1: Emotional Eating

Have you ever been too depressed to make good choices? Too stressed to make good choices? Too excited not to celebrate with pizza, wine, and tiramisu, seconds obligatory?

This week’s 40-minute recording will help you begin to shift that, until one day you find yourself saying “no” to pizza and “yes” to journaling or dancing, without it feeling like a sacrifice.

Week 2: Emotional and Mental Detox

Could some of your old habits die hard because of old wounds that weren’t healed? Is there a belief, a pattern, or a story you are holding on to, at the expense of reaching your goals?

Listen to this week’s 20-minute recording several times, and watch yourself let go. Life has many gifts to offer, once your hands and your heart are free to accept them.

Week 3: Portion Control 

Are you somebody who can never be satisfied with a reasonable portion? Or do you only overeat on occasion? Either way, even the healthiest fare will work against you when the quantities are left unchecked.

The good news is, you don’t need to fast to “shrink your stomach” or get used to your stomach making hungry sounds. This week, there’s a 30-minute recording that will help you deal with the problem painlessly.

Week 4: Exercise

Do you believe exercise is a form of torture? Are you incredulous of people who insist on enjoying it?

This is the week you join (or rejoin) their ranks! The 30-minute hypnosis session is designed to get you into a movement practice you not only can maintain, but look forward to. Once you do, the physical change you are seeking won’t be far behind.

Week 5: Cravings

When a craving hits, is it for something sweet, like cake or a mountain of grapes? Or something savoury, like a jar of pickles or all the chips in the land?

After spending some time with this week’s 25-minute recording, it won’t really matter. For the first time in a very long time, you will regain your power to choose. Really choose. Calmly, wisely, effectively. And let’s be honest, that will rarely mean chips.

Week 6: Self

There comes a point in every transformation where we are faced with the truth. Either the transformation itself is enough, or it was never going to be.

Either way, your stomach and thighs will be slimmer. This week’s recording, in a little under 40 minutes, will ensure that you have the confidence to match your new body.

So that, whatever your life goals, you can be free to tackle them. So that, whatever your dream dress, you can wear it well.

Is your main struggle on that list?

Over the past few months, I’ve taken a number of beta testers through the program, with the following results just the tip of the iceberg:

"Lost 5lb since start of January.. Listened to first recording last night and feel really positive."

"I have lost 7 pounds and notice that my thoughts about food aren't as challenging...or obsessed. My portion control is also improving and I am able to manage much better. And...minimal cravings for sweets!"

"After listening to the exercise part only twice, I sensed the urge to exercise again. And I took long walks on Saturday and today."

"It is so SIMPLE and PLEASANT to use, and the changes are subtle but lasting. I have thoroughly enjoyed the program and I must say, my consumption of unhealthy snacks has really gone down and my cravings have dramatically decreased."

"Bright eyed and bushy tailed. And 4.3 pounds lighter!"

Would you like to feel the same way? Light? Free? Powerful? Vibrant? Present? Excited? Alive?

My Ultimate Weight Loss program will get you there in no time at all. You can choose the self-study option, that will only contain the recordings and a PDF guide with exercises to help you make the most out of the sessions. That alone will work for you.

The only caveat is, you have to show up, do the exercises, and listen to the recordings. That is by no means too much to ask for a body you’ve always wanted. Still, many of us have had our hopes crushed too often before. When that happens, we need somebody else to be there, believe in us, and cheer us on.

No matter how effortless the prescription, nothing can stand up to self-sabotage. Not when you are left to your own devices.

Live with your feelings, instead of silencing them with fries. Enjoy everything you eat, and have enough be plenty. Leave cravings behind, no matter how many times you've given in before. Feel just like who you’ve always wanted to be, starting right now.

With my Ultimate Weight Loss program and receive the following:

• Emotional Eating hypnosis 

• Mental Detox hypnosis 

• Portion Control hypnosis 

• Exercise Motivation hypnosis

• Cravings hypnosis 

• Self-Esteem hypnosis 

• 11-page PDF program companion with additional exercises for each week

• Weekly email reminders to keep you on track

That's everything a busy self-starter needs to reach their goals, for just £249 (Inc VAT).


Will it work on me?

As long as you participate, it absolutely will. I pride myself on basing everything I do on science, not hearsay, and the program is comprehensive enough to cover all your bases. If your concern is being susceptible to hypnosis, it isn’t quite like the TV would have you believe. You remain in total control at all times, I just create a film in your head. If you’ve ever gone to the cinema and been fully engaged in a story, you can be hypnotised to desired effect.

Will it be too much work for me to handle?

The program does require some time commitment, in order for it to be successful. At minimum, you will need to listen to the 20-to- 40-minute session of the week three times. It can be done before bed, first thing in the morning, when the kids are taking a nap, or whenever else you can carve out some time for yourself.

Participating in the live version of the program will also mean one group call a week. The call will be recorded and posted in the facebook group for your convenience, so you do not have to miss it completely, if you can’t make it. How active or passive you are in the group outside of the calls, will depend on your desires and availability entirely. In either instance, you will save time researching new weight loss solutions, which is likely to make this time commitment easier.

What if I don’t have the willpower to go through with it?

The only effort required of you is taking some time to listen to the recordings and do an occasional exercise. Ultimate Weight Loss is structured to make it very easy for you to stick to. If you are worried about self-sabotage, I strongly encourage you to skip the self-study option, in favour of the full version with live group support, or the 1:1 add on.

Beyond the hypnosis and the PDF workbook, no conscious effort will be needed. This program isn’t meant to be motivational. It’s not there to pump you up, so that you can make choices you don’t enjoy. Ultimate Weight Loss is all about making healthy behaviours your new normal. Not through carrot-and- stick training or sheer discipline, but by turning those behaviours into choices you genuinely prefer. As a result, you will be doing exactly what you want, and that will bring you closer to your goals.

This sounds too good to be true. Is this program really enough?

In my private practice, my clients typically need 3-4 sessions to get the behaviour modification results that will undoubtedly lead to them reaching their goals. The only difference is, in my 1:1 sessions, I have the opportunity to go straight into my client’s unique set of struggles. I do not have that luxury in prerecorded sessions.

Ultimate Weight Loss, however, has been designed to cover every big obstacle that typically stands between my clients and their dream bodies. That is why there are more sessions than just four, but it is also how you can be sure you are going to succeed without coming to my office.

How long will the effects last?

Results vary from person to person, but hypnosis has been shown to have lifelong effects in many cases, and effects lasting years in others. Either way, all the recordings are yours to keep, so you are free to listen to your favourite ones periodically for maintenance, or whenever you find yourself slipping into old patterns.

This method is not something you can develop a tolerance to, so you won’t ever have to search for something else. Not for reasons other than curiosity, in any case.

The price seems a little steep, why is that?

If we were being very honest, most of my clients waste at least £200 every month, trying to solve their problem with other methods. For weight loss, that may mean hiring personal trainers and paying for gym memberships, buying expensive supplements, books and online programs, not to mention the healthy food that goes to waste because you don’t like it enough to eat it, or the shopping therapy you engage in when you don’t feel as happy or confident as you would like to. 

How much weight will I lose?

I don’t know what your weight or your situation is, so I can’t give you reliable estimates. I can, however, guarantee that you will change your relationship with food and exercise, which will, in turn, change how you look and feel. How will you look in 6 weeks? Thinner, happier, more confident and relaxed. How will you get to look when you give your new behaviours time to work for you? Like the very best version of you, and I have no doubt they are a treat to look at.

Malminder Gill

Malminder Gill

Therapist & Coach

Malminder Gill is an award-winning Harley Street Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Coach, EFT Practitioner, Meditation Teacher. Author, and Speaker. Her impressive client list includes royalty, celebrities, and CEOs, as well as many individuals that she treats in person, or through her self-help downloads, audio recordings, and podcasts.  Malminder is passionate about developing the use of hypnotherapy and coaching to enable more people to overcome obstacles in their lives. Recently Holistic Therapist Magazine named her as Finalist for Best Practitioner 2016 and Beauty Olympia awarded her 3rd place for Best Practitioner 2017.

Course Includes


6 Audios

19.0 hrs

What You Get

Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis - Introduction

Week 1: Hypnosis for Emotional Eating

Week 3 - Hypnosis for Portion Control

Week 4: Hypnosis for Exercise Motivation